Get Hired for a Summer Job in Malta: Resume Tips and Interview Strategies
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Get Hired for a Summer Job in Malta: Top Tips

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With a plethora of summer job opportunities available across multiple industries, from hospitality to administrative roles, working in Malta can provide both substantial financial assistance and valuable work experience. Malta's summer job market has something for everyone. Don't miss out on the hottest job opportunities - start your job search today!

Summer employment in Malta is a popular option for both students and seasonal workers seeking part-time or full-time work. Summer jobs in Malta provide substantial financial assistance to families and serve as an excellent starting point for those lacking work experience. Through our job board, job seekers can stay informed about available summer job opportunities across multiple industries, including administrative, sales, hospitality and leisure sectors, customer service, cleaning and housekeeping, and more.


Tips for Composing a Well-Structured Resume


A well-written resume increases the chances of getting the preferred job. Therefore, it is essential to follow a clear structure in your CV. For example, a resume for a summer job should include:

  • Your first name, surname, and contact details (postal address, home and mobile phone, and email address). 
  • In addition, it would be best if you also mentioned the desired position and hours of availability. For example, if you are a student, you may only be available to work part-time during the summer.
  • Education is an important section of your resume. Indicate the university or courses, years of study, speciality, and qualification obtained. 
  • Work experience is also important to employers, so it's essential to include your most recent professional activity. If you have any computer skills or knowledge of special programs, it's worth mentioning them in your resume. Finally, indicate your language skills, including intermediate, advanced, proficient, or native comprehension abilities.
  • Personal qualities are also essential to include in your resume. Employers always value independence, responsibility, honesty, and the ability to learn quickly. Before writing about your best qualities, you should analyse how they fit into the desired position. Let’s say you are applying for a driver role, in that case, you should emphasise time management skills. If you are applying for a beach lifeguard job, you should highlight your attentiveness. Read about the best job search strategies available at our Knowledge Centre. 

Summer Jobs in Malta: Interview Preparation


A job interview starts before you even talk to a recruiter. Potential employers evaluate you from the moment you enter the company's premises. So try to make it a pleasure to do business with you. Before your interview starts, put your phone down, and turn off the sound. Instead, run over your resume and prepare the main points of your speech. It will help you focus on the purpose of your visit. Feel free to take the first step when communicating with an interviewer. Start the conversation yourself, and try to set a positive tone of communication. For example, you can "break the ice" with a light joke or remark about the weather.

Don't think you are here only to answer questions - ask your own. It will give a good impression of your intentions and interests. For example, if you notice certificates or diplomas in the hiring manager's office, ask about them. It will establish informal contact, which is essential for genuine human sympathy.


Summer Jobs in Malta FAQ


What is the best job for summer?

You can find vacancies in popular sectors this summer, such as events, skilled work (drivers, scients),  and construction, on our job board.

What jobs are in high demand in Malta this summer? 

Malta is a touristic place, and many businesses provide seasonal services. Therefore, you can easily find a job in the hospitality and leisure sectors. Please browse immediate start roles to know more.

How much is the salary for a summer job? 

The salary for a summer job in Malta depends on the job type and the employer. You can visit to benchmark. You can also use our salary calculator to get the net income number. 

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