Narrow Your Search or Broaden Your Horizons? The Best Job Search Strategy in Malta
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The Best Job Search Strategy in Malta

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Looking for the best job search strategy in Malta? In this article, we explore the age-old question: should you narrow your search or broaden your horizons? Discover the pros and cons of each approach and gain valuable insights to help you land your dream job in Malta.

Job hunting can be daunting (we have all been through it), especially in a competitive labour market like Malta. Job seekers' first challenge is to decide where to start and whether to use one or several job boards. This decision can significantly impact the job search process, so it is essential to know the pros and cons of each approach. In this article, we will present the best strategies for job searching in Malta by weighing the pros and cons of using one or more job boards.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Multiple Job Boards


Using multiple job boards like, Konnekt, Keepmeposted, or Alfred jobs to search for vacancies in Malta has several advantages:

  1. Job seekers gain access to a broader range of job vacancies that may not be available on a single job board.
  2. Job seekers can search multiple job boards and find the most relevant job advertisements.
  3. The risk of missing out on job offers is reduced as job seekers have access to various sources of job offers.

However, using multiple job boards can also have cons, especially for those with poor time management skills, as you must navigate numerous job boards and constantly update your profiles. There is also the possibility that some job ads may be duplicated on multiple job boards, resulting in wasted time and effort. So, instead of saving time, you end up wasting time as you keep browsing through the same job listings just on different platforms. 


Best Practices for a Job Search in Malta


With that in mind, we can come up with some job-searching strategies to help you land a job interview. If you decide to use one job board, you need to:

  1. Tailor your CV and cover letter to each job posting, highlighting relevant skills and experience.
  2. Use the job boards effectively by setting up email alerts and filtering searches. This way, you will be notified of job postings that match your skills and experience. 
  3. Constantly monitor the platform to ensure you take advantage of all potential opportunities. Additionally, visiting the job board frequently can help you stay updated on the latest job trends and requirements, which can help you better tailor your application and increase your chances of getting hired.
  4. An additional tip, whether you are using one job board or many, would be to network. This way, you can make contacts in the labour market. Attending job fairs, connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn and contacting people who work in your field of interest will help a lot in your job search journey. By making contacts, you gain valuable insights into the job market and may even get a job through their connections. Who knows?

The website is one of the easiest ways to find job opportunities in Malta. It offers email alerts, a filtered search and an easy-to-manage candidate dashboard. In addition, jobsinmalta has a large number of job vacancies. Let's say you decided to focus on one job board, jobsinmalta. You can easily create your account by clicking the Sign Up button. 


You will then need to register if you do not have an account. You can register with Facebook, LinkedIn or Google to speed up the registration process, as the system will use some of the information available on your social media accounts. 


After, please read the Terms and Condition policy and check the Agree tab.



Now you can access your account and set up Job Notifications to get the most recent and relevant job alerts to your email. 


So, using a single job board to search for jobs in Malta has many advantages. Still, the two most important ones are:

  1. Job seekers can easily navigate the website to find job advertisements as they are familiar with the interface.
  2. Job seekers save time, as there is only one job board to check for updates.

Our Final Thoughts


Deciding whether to use one or multiple job boards like JobsinMalta, Keepmeposted, or Alfred jobs is a personal choice and depends on several factors. The main factor is the amount of time you need to invest. While using multiple job boards may offer job seekers a wider range of job opportunities, effective time management can also be a challenge. On the other hand, using a single job board reduces competition and makes it easier for job seekers to keep track of new job offers.


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