Top 10 No-Experience Jobs in Malta: What are Your Options?
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Top 10 No-Experience Jobs in Malta

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A lack of experience is no reason to give up looking for a great job. There are currently about 1,000 vacancies on our website that you can apply for, even if you have no experience. So create a CV, mention your best qualities and start applying. Your next job could be just around the corner. Find out how you can get it and what your options are. 

You can create a CV that will catch a recruiter's eye even if you have no work experience. First, we recommend job seekers write about academic achievements: Internships and courses you have completed. This shows the potential employer that you are constantly learning and developing your personality through various trainings. The recruiter will also pay attention to applicants without work experience if they have previously attended master classes, participated in student organisations and helped out in voluntary organisations. Let's find out what skills you can mention in your CV and what no-experience jobs you can apply for in Malta.


Skills To Mention

When preparing a CV, you should mention the qualities that prove your prospects. It would be helpful if you also keep in mind that in any CV, regardless of work experience, the applicant's personal qualities should match the desired position. For example, when we hire couriers, we look especially for qualities such as a sense of responsibility. After all, a courier's duties include delivering on time, working with the app, following traffic rules, checking the payment and communicating competently with customers. Most importantly, the qualities you claim must correspond to reality. Deceptions will be revealed at the interview and will not work in your favour. It is better to mention a few personal qualities than to attribute non-existent qualities to yourself.  

  1. The ability to learn quickly. To avoid a standard phrase, you can replace it with more atypical phrases: "open to new knowledge" or "interested in additional education". 
  2. Initiative. To confirm this, consider the projects you organised at school or university.
  3. Teamwork Another important quality most employers look for is the ability to work as a holistic team. But you should first decide this for yourself: Are you a real team player or prefer to complete tasks independently?
  4. Other skills. You could mention the organisational skills you use in your private life, for example, organising a family event. Your creativity could come into play when helping your child create a school project. 

Unpaid Internship

You may need to start with an unpaid internship to gain some experience at the beginning. Some companies also look for internship applicants on their own and select the best graduates after they have passed a specific exam or completed, say, one year of education to invite them to work with them. If the unpaid internship is absolutely not an option for you, think of the film Pursuit of Happyness. In it, the main character is in a difficult financial situation but agrees to an unpaid internship in a solid company with the vague prospect of further employment. In the end, he becomes a successful entrepreneur.




Top 10 No-Experience Jobs in Malta

With no or minimal training, you can try to make a career in the following areas.

Call Centre Jobs in Malta

jobs in Malta

You will need to ensure that the company's customers receive the necessary information over the phone as well as:


  • Proactively approach customers to resolve their requests, questions or problems.
  • Prioritise, plan and coordinate with other departments to ensure that all reported issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently.
  • Support the quality assurance process by reviewing and resolving issues on-site and meeting with customers as needed.
  • Assist clients with other requested services. These may be tours, taxi bookings, luggage storage, etc.



jobs in Malta

You might be asked to deliver various products, including general merchandise, mainly food and beverages, to the company's customers. Sometimes the delivery person is also responsible for handling cash collected during the day.


jobs in Malta

You can try applying for Content Creation jobs if you have good English or Maltese language skills. It involves:

  • Writing content for internal communications, including intranet features, stories and interviews.
  • Writing content for campaigns.
  • Managing content for social media, including writing posts, creating stories and accompanying visuals, and scheduling and uploading as required.
  • Assist in creating content material for local or international, digital and non-digital events or workshops.
  • Prepare and compile reports/statistics required for the team's various initiatives.



jobs in Malta

Starting a career in sales can be a real CV booster. Sales jobs are considered tough, but doing them for a while shows your future employer that you know how to deal with people and have a resilient personality. Your duties might include:

  • Greet customers and prepare quotations.
  • Place and follow up orders with foreign suppliers.
  • Organise installations.
  • Follow up on current orders, including the collection of payments.
  • Handle customer complaints and take necessary action regarding the after-sales service
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge of products sold.
  • Recommend changes in products, services and policies.
  • Contribute to teamwork.
  • Ensure shelves are well stocked and maintained;
  • Help customers choose the right products;
  • Keep in touch with suppliers.


Customer Support

jobs in Malta

You could be the first point of contact for clients contacting the helpdesk. You acquire advanced knowledge of all products and provide expert support to customers. Of course, you will learn all this during your training. You may also have to:

  • Assist customers with implementation processes and technical problems with the respective product, building solid customer relationships.
  • Respond to customer queries and guide product users on features and functions while following up with customers to ensure that all technical issues are resolved.


E-commerce Roles

jobs in Malta

You may need some e-commerce sales experience beforehand, but you can always apply for these positions if you are proficient in the following:

  • Application of operating systems essential to marketplace business and online commerce.
  • Regular product and content updates on the marketplaces.
  • Constantly looking for new customers through social media and other channels.
  • Building and maintaining long-term relationships with all customers via email and social media channels.
  • Responding promptly to online customer enquiries.
  • Publishing and sharing posts on social media.

Front Office

jobs in MaltaCompanies are usually looking for an organised person who can work under pressure and is computer literate. This type of job might suit you if:


  • You have an excellent customer service attitude.
  • You are the first and the last point of contact for customers.
  • You can receive and welcome guests visiting the premises of the company.
  • You handle incoming and outgoing correspondence, including phone calls, etc.
  • Greet guests and welcome them.
  • Registering guests at check-in and assigning them to rooms/tables. In doing so, you will ensure a smooth service, accommodate special requests when possible and help guests fill out their registration cards.
  • Shows guests to their rooms/tables and gives them a tour of the hotel/restaurant.
  • Works closely with other teams involved in fixing drainage problems, unclogging kitchens and repairing toilets.



jobs in Malta

Your duties could include the following:

  • Greet guests and welcome them.
  • Registering guests at check-in and assigning them to rooms/tables. In doing so, you will ensure a smooth service, accommodate special requests when possible and help guests fill out their registration cards.
  • Shows guests to their rooms/tables and gives them a tour of the hotel/restaurant.
  • Works closely with other teams involved in hospitality operations.



jobs in Malta

If you have a technical diploma but no experience, you can try applying for jobs in maintenance and take on tasks like these:

  • Performing general routine maintenance tasks.
  • Performing plumbing work and assisting with installing and repairing electrical systems.
  • Performing and assisting in fixing drainage problems, unclogging kitchens and repairing toilets.



Our Final Thoughts

All in all, you can always apply for jobs that do not require a lot of experience. Or sometimes, you look at a job offer and meet all the criteria except experience. Try your luck. No one can stop you from applying if you think you can do the job.


No-Experience Jobs in Malta FAQ


What jobs are in high demand in Malta?

High-demand jobs include hospitality, skilled work, accounting, and administrative roles in Malta.


How to get a job without experience?

Consider reading our article that covers job-hunting tips.


What is the average no-experience job salary in Malta?

Visit to compare vacancies with salaries. We also have a great tool to calculate your net income after tax. Try it out today.


How to find a job without experience in Malta? 

Check whether the job description meets your expectations. If it is a job that you think you can do without experience, apply.

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