Aircraft Painter - Skilled Work jobs in Malta - September 2023
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Aircraft Painter

Aviation Cosmetics Malta , South of Malta

An Aircraft Painter is a skilled professional responsible for applying high-quality paint finishes and coatings to aircraft surfaces, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and protection against environmental factors. This role requires strong attention to detail, expertise in various painting techniques, and a commitment to safety and industry standards.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Surface Preparation:

    • Thoroughly clean and prepare aircraft surfaces by removing dirt, grease, old paint, and contaminants using appropriate methods.
    • Perform sanding, masking, and taping to isolate areas that do not require painting, such as windows, sensors, and mechanical components.
    • Apply primers and sealants to ensure optimal paint adhesion and surface smoothness.
  2. Paint Application:

    • Select, mix, and match paint colours according to specifications using specialized paint mixing equipment.
    • Apply paint to aircraft surfaces using various techniques, such as spray guns, brushes, and rollers.
    • Ensure even coverage, consistent colour, and a smooth finish, adhering to the paint manufacturer's guidelines.
  3. Quality Control:

    • Inspect painted surfaces thoroughly to identify imperfections, runs, or inconsistencies in the paint job.
    • Correct any issues promptly, ensuring the final paint finish meets quality standards and regulatory requirements.
    • Conduct visual and post-application inspections to verify paint adherence, appearance, and overall finish quality.
  4. Equipment Maintenance:

    • Maintain and cleaned painting equipment, including spray guns, paint booths, and ventilation systems, to ensure efficient and safe operation.
    • Troubleshoot and perform minor repairs on painting equipment as necessary.
  5. Safety and Compliance:

    • Adhere strictly to safety protocols and guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure a secure work environment.
    • Dispose of hazardous materials, such as paint solvents and waste, in accordance with environmental regulations.
    • Follow aviation industry regulations and best practices related to painting, safety, and maintenance.
  6. Documentation:

    • Maintain accurate records of paint colours used, quantities applied, and job-specific details for future reference and tracking.
    • Complete required paperwork, including work orders and maintenance logs, accurately and promptly.
  7. Team Collaboration:

    • Coordinate closely with other maintenance team members, including mechanics and technicians, to ensure effective workflow and timely project completion.
    • Communicate with team leads and supervisors to address challenges, provide progress updates, and maintain a cohesive work environment.

Aviation Cosmetics Malta:
When it comes to painting your aircraft, we know first-hand that aircraft painting means more than just a change of colour. For your individual requirements, we are ready with a range of tailored solutions. If you are looking for the perfect partner for repainting or changing the livery of your aircraft or your entire fleet, our experts will support you throughout the entire process. Our consultancy services range across a broad spectrum of assistance from composing the purchase order and deciding on materials selection, to arranging the support of experts for the release to service. We are proficient at providing paint layers with minimal thickness, yet maximum cover and gloss. During the process, our paint technicians will examine your aircraft completely to check for discrepancies and damages. Where and when needed those discrepancies will be discussed with your representative and solutions will be found, with a neutral and objective point of view. We have more than 25 years of experience in aircraft painting and all matters involved and can guarantee you the highest aircraft painting standard.

€20,000 / year
Full Time
Job Type
Entry (0-12 months), Intermediate (1-3 years), Experienced (3 years +)
Experience Level
Skilled Work


Maintenance Person

ELV Installer

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