Aircraft Painter - Skilled Work jobs in Malta - April 2024
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Aircraft Painter

Aviation Cosmetics Malta , South of Malta

Published on 12 Mar 2024

Expired on 11 Apr 2024


Aviation Cosmetics Malta is currently looking to recruit an Aircraft Painter to join their team on a full-time basis.

Job Role:
An Aircraft Painter is a skilled professional responsible for applying high-quality paint finishes and coatings to aircraft surfaces, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and protection against environmental factors.
This role requires strong attention to detail, expertise in various painting techniques, and a commitment to safety and industry standards. 

Key Responsibilities
Surface Preparation:

  • Thoroughly clean and prepare aircraft surfaces by removing dirt, grease, old paint, and contaminants using appropriate methods
  • Perform sanding, masking, and taping to isolate areas that do not require painting, such as windows, sensors, and mechanical components
  • Apply primers and sealants to ensure optimal paint adhesion and surface smoothness.  

Paint Application:  

  • Select, mix, and match paint colours according to specifications using specialized paint mixing equipment
  • Apply paint to aircraft surfaces using various techniques, such as spray guns, brushes, and rollers
  • Ensure even coverage, consistent colour, and a smooth finish, adhering to the paint manufacturer's guidelines.   

Quality Control:  

  • Inspect painted surfaces thoroughly to identify imperfections, runs, or inconsistencies in the paint job
  • Correct any issues promptly, ensuring the final paint finish meets quality standards and regulatory requirements
  • Conduct visual and post-application inspections to verify paint adherence, appearance, and overall finish quality.    

Equipment Maintenance:  

  • Maintain and cleaned painting equipment, including spray guns, paint booths, and ventilation systems, to ensure efficient and safe operation
  • Troubleshoot and perform minor repairs on painting equipment as necessary.    

Safety and Compliance:  

  • Adhere strictly to safety protocols and guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure a secure work environment
  • Dispose of hazardous materials, such as paint solvents and waste, by environmental regulations
  • Follow aviation industry regulations and best practices related to painting, safety, and maintenance.   


  • Maintain accurate records of paint colours used, quantities applied, and job-specific details for future reference and tracking
  • Complete required paperwork, including work orders and maintenance logs, accurately and promptly.   

Team Collaboration:  

  • Coordinate closely with other maintenance team members, including mechanics and technicians, to ensure effective workflow and timely project completion
  • Communicate with team leads and supervisors to address challenges, provide progress updates, and maintain a cohesive work environment.

€18,500 to €20,000 / year
Full Time
Job Type
Entry (0-12 months), Intermediate (1-3 years)
Experience Level
Skilled Work


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