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Child Care Worker (Arzella Child Care Centre) at Archdiocese of Malta

Central Malta

Child Care
Posted date 17/05/2019 |
Closing date 29/05/2019
Part Time Experienced
Job Vacancy:
  • Child Care Worker (Part-time) Ref. FS/2019/013
  • Child Care Worker (Part-time Casual) Ref. FS/2019/014

Archdiocese of Malta is looking to recruit a Child Care Worker to join their team at Arzella Child Care Centre, on a part-time basis. 

Role Profile:
The ideal candidate will work within a team whose main aim is to contribute to the promotion and development of high-quality care provision experiences to the children making use of the service. With the guidance of the Childcare Co-ordinator, the child care worker ensures the well-being of all the children and supports their access to learning. The child care worker has the responsibility to meet every child’s needs through play and learning opportunities. The child care worker’s responsibility and accountability for the children’s well-being must constantly be in line with the Childcare Centre’s Policies and Procedures.

Terms and Conditions:
  • The gross annual salary for the post of a Child Care Worker is that of €12,813, rising by annual increments of €250 up to a maximum of €16,315. All increments are inclusive of the Cost of Living Wage Adjustment (COLA);
  •  The new appointee will be required to undergo an induction phase and other relevant training, which may be deemed necessary. The post is on a part-time basis and is subject to six months probationary period;
  •  The person appointed will be subject to the rules and regulations of the Archdiocese of Malta.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Provision and Promotion of Quality Care, Play and Learning Opportunities;
  • Supervises the children in an inclusive manner, ensuring their safety and access to learning activities;
  • Provides a service that respects children’s life experiences and celebrates diversity in terms of language, culture, ability, race and religion;
  • Provides a range of play and learning opportunities and general care that reflects the child’s individual ability;
  • Nurtures positive relationships with children; ensuring their emotional well-being and promoting their confidence and self-esteem;
  • Ensures that every effort is made in order to maintain the children’s dignity and self-respect;
  • Shares responsibility with colleagues for creating a provision in which all children can interact and develop fully, intellectually, physically, socially and creatively through play;
  • Provides learning experiences that challenge and enable young children to grow in confidence and independence within a stimulating environment
  • Communicates effectively and addresses children gently and in a sensitive manner;
  • Takes responsibility for the observation, assessment, monitoring and record-keeping of children’s learning and development using a variety of methods so that planning is backed by factual information;
  • Communicates regularly with the parents and the Childcare Co-ordinator, both verbally and through the handing over booklet;
  • Carries out the necessary basic needs of all service users, which includes: changing nappies, potty training, feeding (including preparing formulas);
  • Supports young children in learning and developing general skills, ex: washing and toileting routines, table manners, socializing with others;
  • Ensures that the dietary needs of service users are respected, both in the case of dietary conditions and cultural/religious traditions;
  • Maintains a clean, healthy and organized environment;
  • Organizes and stores toys and materials to ensure order in activity areas, and encourages children to engage and participate during clean-up time
  • Undertakes other duties which may reasonably be regarded to be within the nature of the duties/responsibilities of the post.

Promotion of Safety:
  • Implements all the Centre’s policies relating to the safety and protection of children;
  • Maintains utmost confidentiality with regards to any information about the children;
  • Assists the child and is responsible for them until the moment their parents pick them up, even if the parent is late;
  • Regulates who is allowed in and out of the centre through the use of CCTV cameras and intercom service installed within the centre, as well as the sign-in and sign-out register;
  • Fills in an incident report if a child gets injured;
  • Supervises the children at all times.

Working in Partnership with Parents/Carers:
  • Ensures a warm and welcoming approach to parents/carers who encourage their participation and involvement in the Centre’s activities;
  • Develops positive relationships with parents/carers and is sensitive to their needs;
  • Supports parents/carers to develop their understanding of how their child learns;
  • Is sensitive to the individual needs of parents/carers

Policy and Practice:
  • Have a sound knowledge of and comply with the policies and procedures relating to the safety and well-being of the children – health and safety, security, confidentiality and data-protection – reporting all concerns to the Childcare Centre Co-ordinator;
  • Takes appropriate action in cases of emergency, urgent matters or abuse, as stated by the Centre’s policies and procedures of the Quality Assurance Department;
  • Refer to any allegations of abuse to the Child Care Co-Ordinator;
  • Understands and promotes inclusion and equality policies and procedures;
  • Supports and works with other professionals where appropriate;
  • Documents and reports information as assigned by the Childcare Centre Co-ordinator or other professionals;
  • Identifies and documents support deficiencies, problems and concerns, bringing them to team meetings and to the attention of the Childcare Centre Co-ordinator;
  • Sanitize toys and play equipment when it is urgently needed and when a cleaner is either sick or on leave.

In relation to the Team.
  • Is able to work in a team and is respectable towards the peer group and management;
  • Attends and participates in all team meetings;
  • Contributes ideas, suggestions and observations regarding the effectiveness of the daily programme and weekly activities as planned and implemented to improve the development of the child;
  • Undertakes appropriate training opportunities and professional development in order to maintain a high-quality provision;
  • Through regular supervision and performance reviews, identifies and undertakes appropriate training and professional development opportunities that ensure the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding are kept up to date;
  • Follows in-house training as recommended by the Childcare Centre Co-ordinator.

Skills and attributes:
  • An optimistic outlook to life in order to be positive role models for every child;
  • A can-do attitude;
  • Effective team working skills;
  • Creative;
  • Able to take initiative;
  • Writing skills to write down daily reports and other documentation;
  • Understanding and managing child behaviour;
  • Knowledge and understanding of child development;
  • Observation, listening and empathic skills;
  • An understanding of equal opportunity issues;
  • Basic computer skills;
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others;
  • Ability to remain patient, objective and positive under pressure.

Minimum Requirements:
  • It is essential to have some form of qualification in Children’s Play, Learning and Development (MQF Level 4), and to hold a certification of Basic First Aid and Paediatric First Aid Course, as well as Food Handling.

  • Experience of working with children as a care worker or volunteer or student placement is desirable.
How to apply:
  • Please send a written statement by not later than 29th May 2019 detailing how your skills match the requirements listed in this job description and quoting the relevant reference numbers together with your CV, police conduct and the contact details for 2 Referees.

The Job Description will be reviewed on a regular basis and may be amended by Senior Management of Fondazzjoni Sebħ to reflect the needs of the service.  This Job Description should be read in conjunction with the NCW contract of service.

Fondazzjoni Sebħ talent acquisition procedures reflect our commitment to protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation.  To this aim we follow the policy and practice guidelines issued by the Archdiocese of Malta and the Safeguarding Commission. © Fondazzjoni Sebħ April 2019.

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