Resources Supervisor at Alberta - Human Resources jobs in Malta - December 2020

Resources Supervisor at Alberta

JOB TYPE: Full Time JOB LEVEL: Experienced, Graduate
Human Resources

Alberta in Malta is looking to recruit a Resources Supervisor to join their team on a full-time basis. The ideal candidate will aim to provide on-going support to individuals, determine their requirements and accurately assess resource needs whilst providing sufficient capacity to be in line with the company’s goals. 

Daily Basis:

  • To start the day ahead of scheduled starting time to monitor staff’s punctuality on different sites. This shall be coordinated with the site supervisors and team leader for different projects;
  • Confirming with site supervisors if there were any changes which should be recorded on the site allocation;
  • Any type of leave, be it sick leave or annual leave must be recorded accurately and re-confirmed with staff accordingly;
  • Monitoring staff’s performance via attitude, concerns, and workload is of crucial importance and is done through weekly site visits; 
  • Translating all acquired knowledge into a set of KPI’s; 
  • Monitoring of attire and replacing uniforms were necessary; 
  • Monitoring and recording of staff clocking out behavior; 
  • Coordinating with the site supervisors for different projects where necessary. 

Weekly Basis:

  • Checking of timesheets every Monday and recording them on the site allocation and timesheet checklist;
  • Checking of leave recorded on the system;
  • Passing on timesheets not later than Tuesday to be inputted on Epicor;
  • Taking into account when the end of the month is on a weekday to carry out the latter accordingly. Also, timesheets have to be submitted not later than the 2nd day of the month;
  • Checking the cleanliness of vans (interior and exterior);
  • Ensuring each employee who drives a van has his vehicle checked via the hands-on system by comparing the previous week to ensure employees started and left home on time as per site allocation;
  • Planning site allocations;
  • Organizing and coordinating the shifting of tools with the store manager from site to site;
  • Scheduling short meetings with every project leader a month ahead and re-confirming the works that were already planned for the following week. Avoiding red hours for the installation team by following the below:
    • Is the site ready for installation?
    • Do we need a scaffold for the works or any motorized working platform?
    • Are there any requirements from the client that we need to take care of during installation?
    • Do we have a store in place?
    • Working drawing/sketch is ready and agreed with the client? 
    • Any missing material which will affect the installation phase?
    • Are store personnel advised to deliver the material?
    • Is the Team Leader advised about the job?
    • How many hours quoted hours have we got to complete this job? 
    • What are the time frames?
    • Do we have a budget for overtime if we need to work extra hours?

Quarterly Bases:

  • Checking leave entitlement for each quarter is used or planned;
  • Stocktaking of tools;
  • Inspecting of vans and recording any damages.

Half Yearly Bases:

  • Reviewing of KPI’s with the workforce management and employees.

Other Duties:

  • Selecting the right tools (quality and durability) when replacing or getting a new tool;
  • Introducing new sub-contractors for possible collaboration on jobs;
  • Interviewing and selecting new employees as required;
  • Reviewing new methods of installations and tool requirements;
  • Negotiating installation rates with sub-contractors on project bases as per project leader guidelines;
  • Issuing sub-contractor receipt entries on Epicor;
  • Issuing job entries for tools on Epicor;
  • Requesting uniform replacements.

Alberta exudes passion and continually strives to assist people within its field of competence – fire and security. The company’s hallmark has always been one of excellence, with an unerring and consistent benchmark. Whilst continually striving to get things done properly and with due diligence, client safety and security always comes first. Alberta designs and provides the protection which clients require and feels privileged to have played a key role in offering security to clients’ families, homes and businesses in Malta and internationally.

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