Housekeeping Supervisor - Hospitality & Leisure jobs in Malta - March 2019
AX Holdings Ltd

Housekeeping Supervisor

Central Malta

Posted date 04/07/2018 |
Closing date 20/04/2019
Full Time Experienced

AX Holdings is looking to recruit a Housekeeping Supervisor to maintain the overall cleanliness of the hotel, including rooms and public areas.


    • Supervise housekeeping staff while they are performing their duties
    • Supervise laundry staff duties
    • Stock and maintain any housekeeping supply rooms
    • Determine and process all guest complaints
    • Check all guest rooms are ready for arrival
    • Check that all common areas are hazard free and ready for guests
    • Conduct daily morning meeting with housekeeping staff and organize all staff daily
    • Ensure high level of customer service is maintained at all times
    • Manage the daily activities of the Housekeeping department to include appropriate cleaning of all offices, concourses, seating areas, washrooms, restaurants, concession stands, suites, and all public spaces.
    • Planning, organizing and directing team members to ensure the highest degree of guest satisfaction.
    • Daily supervision of the housekeeping staff, including the day, event and post-event crews.
    • Daily supervision of the grounds keeping staff, including the day, event and post-event crews.
    • Purchase, re-order and maintain housekeeping supplies and inventory.
    • Determines and maintains the department work schedule used to notify staff of upcoming events and ensure proper preparation and staffing for each event.
    • Ensures the proper maintenance of all equipment; makes arrangements for repair and/or replacement of used and damaged equipment.
    • Plans work schedules and room assignments with minimum disruption to guests.
    • Empowers hotel staff to deliver great guest service by encouraging responsiveness to guest needs.
    • Personally demonstrates a commitment to guest service by responding
    • Ensures hotel staff, including all new hires, knows all components of guest service guarantee and are trained to meet service standards.
    • Develops added value customer service programs regarding housekeeping services.
    • Can communicate to guests about hotel promotions, local attractions and points of interest.
    • Ensures employees know departmental procedures and policies.
    • Uses ongoing safety training to enhance Health and Safety at the work places.
    • Maintains a positive, cooperative work environment between staff and management.
    • Ensures housekeeping staff know responsibilities and manage against those responsibilities.
    • Orders and buys cleaning supplies, linens and chemicals at the best prices.
    • Maintains inventory of supplies and ensures staff follows proper inventory/cost control procedures.
    • Demonstrate understanding and awareness of all policies and procedures.
    • Familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures.
  • Ensure all security incidents, accidents are always logged in a timely manner and brought to the attention of your manager.

About Us:
AX Holdings is one of Malta’s leading private companies giving a major and direct contribution to the national economy. Through years of hard work and setting goals, the company has reached levels that are constantly breaking new ground allowing it to build a solid reputation. The drive to move on and ahead stems from the philosophy that change generates progress and progress generates wealth. Its thirst for achievement is the driving force behind the AX Holding’s Group. Moreover, the more insurmountable the challenge, the stronger the determination. With over 40 years of constant developments that have taken place in various sectors of the Maltese economy, AX Holdings has undoubtedly a vast history that makes it a success story. From developments in Construction to Hospitality achievements, the Group has grown and expanded in a large number of fields.

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