Paediatric Physical Therapist - Health & Fitness jobs in Malta - March 2019
Walk This Way LTD

Paediatric Physical Therapist

20,000-24,000 Per Year

North of Malta

Posted date 11/03/2019 |
Closing date 10/04/2019
Full Time Experienced, Graduate

Walk This Way is looking for Paediatric Physical Therapist to join their team in our therapy centre in Malta on a full-time basis. We are one of the top therapy centres in the world and you will be trained to work with our techniques. Our ethos and the way we approach each client is part of what makes what we do so unique

You must be dedicated, coachable, and have previous experience working with children and adults with disabilities. 

We specialise in working with:

  • Pre SDR
  • Post SDR
  • Neuro development 
  • Global Delay
  • Spinal Bifida

As well as many other Neuromuscular Conditions.

If you’re interested please send the following:

  • Current and up to date CV;
  • Disabilities worked with;
  • A brief personal statement as to why you would fit the position.

Walk This Way:
Walk This Way specialise in working with children, teenagers and adults that are both post-op SDR and pre-op SDR. We work with other types of Cerebral Palsy but we are the only SDR specific training centre in the UK & the USA where we have been working with SDR related children for 5 years. During this time we have built up an international client list of over 400 clients that myself and my team members work with. Our techniques are focused, specific and designed to strengthen and condition the body to be able to move more freely and with more control. We work very closely with Dr Park and Deanna Walters at St Louis Children’s Hospital in the USA. After visiting the Children’s Hospital and working alongside their therapists it was encouraging to see just how similar our approach and training methods are. We concentrate on strengthening the muscle weakness and then teach the body how to move better by focusing on biomechanics and movement based training. We are very focused on MOVEMENT and increasing functional Gain.

Kindly submit your application directly to us using the 'Apply Now' button.


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