Quantity Surveyor at Aerospace Support Industries Malta Limited - Construction jobs in Malta - July 2019
Aerospace Support Industries Malta Limited

Quantity Surveyor at Aerospace Support Industries Malta Limited

22,000 Per Year

South of Malta

Project Management,
Health & Safety
Posted date 10/07/2019 |
Closing date 09/08/2019
Full Time Experienced
Aerospace Support Industries Malta Limited is looking to recruit a Quantity Surveyor to join their team on a full-time basis. 

Job role: 
Cost Estimating:
  • Carefully assess architectural and engineering plans, consider your design preferences and evaluate the plans against applicable regulations and standards to ensure we estimate a cost (on a line-by-line basis) for the project.
Cost Planning:
  • Provide a comparable estimate between the construction costs and project budget while allowing a detailed trade by trade comparison to the builder’s estimates/quotes.
Cost studies:
  • Provide cost comparisons based on similar projects that we have reviewed to assess whether your builders or trades are charging for materials and labor appropriately.
Timely payments to stakeholders:
  • To avoid disputes about costs and to ensure your builders, trades and other stakeholders are paid on time, keep track of all payments, scrutinize associated costs, and keep a close eye on trades conforming to their quotations.
Cost monitoring and controlling: 
  • Throughout the life of the building or construction project, monitor and control the costs and controlling the project cash flow. Prepare a dynamic and detailed trade by trade assessment of the builder’s progress claims to ensure progress payment installments are accurate.
  • Undertake measurements of the site and building to ensure it conforms to the plans and any prescribed laws, regulations, and building standards.
Contracts negotiation: 
  • Negotiate the building or construction contract with builders and trades.
Drafting contract conditions: 
  • During contractual negotiations, ensure costs, payment, and technical specification clauses are accurately and appropriately drafted assist with drafting contractual terms and will work closely with your legal and financial advisers to ensure we deliver the best outcome.
Procurement advises including tendering strategy: 
  • Prepare procurement and tendering strategy.
Preparing bill of quantities (BOQ) and tender document:
  • During the construction design phase, ensure the plans and designs will lead to costs that stay within budget through effective and dynamic cost management. Consider offsetting essential additions by identifying areas where you can save. On completion of design and architectural / engineering drawings, prepare a BOQ, which is an extensive and itemized trade list. Prepare a BOQ issued with the specification, for use by contractors in submitting tenders. The contractor’s quantity surveyors/estimators generally prepare tenders and may price alternatives for consideration that need to be negotiated.
Contract practice:
  • Manage the building or construction project to help free up your time and your building supervisor’s / superintendent’s time, assist manage expenses, respond to queries from builders and trades, check budgets.
Valuation of construction work including variations: 
  • Assist negotiate variations to suit authorized change to what has been agreed. Depending on the contractual clauses, variations may be permitted but any impact on cost and time need to be negotiated.
Assessment of contractor's claims: 
  • Undertake on-site assessments of the builder’s progress claims (i.e. monthly or staged payment claims inclusive a detailed comparison report, as well as any necessary negotiations if the claimed amount does not line up with the assessed amount.
Advice on cost limits and budgets: 
  • Prepare budgets for projects and strategic advice to be financially prepared and consider contingencies into the contract to limit future negotiations and disputes.
Preparation of final account: 
  • At the end of the project, review the initial plans and designs and compare these against the invoices submitted by the builders and trades. We will also consider any variations, time delay penalties, non-conformities, defects, etc. This will assist the preparation of the final account so that you can effectively negotiate the amounts owing.
Preparation of final detailed bill of quantities (BOQ): 
  • At the end of your project, prepare a final detailed BOQ to help you negotiate with your builders and trades the final payments owing to them.

Aerospace Support Industries Malta Limited:
Aircraft Support Industries Group (ASI) is today a world leader in the design and construction of Aircraft Maintenance Facilities having designed and built over 80 hangar facilities worldwide. The Company has in-house expertise in all disciplines required to design and build a state of the art facilities. These include but are not limited to architectural facility planning, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, and fire suppression. As a globally active design and construction company within the aeronautical industry, Aircraft Support Industries is acutely aware of the impact of the construction of aircraft hangars and facilities. We are committed to minimizing the impact of our construction activities and providing ongoing benefits to the local communities. Aircraft Support Industries has been certified to ISO 14001-2004 and undertakes projects in accordance with this standard as a minimum and to any local environmental standards applicable. Our construction process seeks to locally source all construction materials and equipment locally wherever possible and to employ local construction workers and assistants. Where necessary, all non-local materials are sourced within the region to minimize costs to the project as well as reducing the environmental costs associated with transport. Our local project in Malta is located at Malta International Airport and for Design and Construct an Aircraft Maintenance Facility for SR Technics consisting of 1 x 3 bay Wide Body Hangar and 1 x 3 bay Narrow Body Hangars.

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