Marketing, Social Media & Visual Content Enthusiast

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Marketing, Social Media & Visual Content Enthusiast

Central Malta
Posted date | 06/06/2017 Closing date | 06/07/2017
Full Time Entry
Graphic Design,
Fashion Design,
Web/UI/UX Design

Job Vacancy: Marketing, Social Media & Visual Content Enthusiast

Behind Mvintage is a passionate and fun-loving team of individuals, who are currently on the lookout for a creative, fashionable and energetic person to complement our company’s growth. This is the ideal entry-level position for young creative minds with a can do attitude.

If you possess these qualities, then you could be the perfect addition to our team:

  • An eye for anything fashion, and knowledge of what's trending.
  • You are passionate about social media, and are constantly on top of social media trends.
  • Have a knack for generating creative and relevant fashion content, particularly through Facebook and Instagram as well as through other online and offline channels.
  • You love to keep followers engaged with unique and engaging topics.
  • You possess a skill for creative writing, and capture moments that encourage engagement.
  • You have a very strong command of the English language, and love sharing stories with your audience. Knowledge of Maltese is also a plus.
  • You love creative fashion photography, able to engage an audience with your visual skills.
  • You possess excellent skills and experience in using Photoshop.
  • You have always been fascinated by fashion marketing and branding, and would love to join a fast growing, Maltese brand. You have a lot of ideas to offer, and cannot wait to share your newly gained knowledge with us.

If you think you have what it takes, we are very eager to hear from you! 

Kindly submit your application to us directly using the 'Apply Now' button.

About us:
Fast growing Maltese designer jewellery brand, Mvintage, brings you lovingly designed jewellery full of unique meaning. We embrace special stories and memories through our empowering, symbolic designs, destined to be treasured for years to come.

We draw inspiration from the ever-changing stories and cultures that surround us, and have long been dedicated to explore the relationship between modern and vintage in our delicate, stainless steel pieces. The beauty of individuality is also central to our vision. Behind every woman is a whole world of stories, strengths and weaknesses, which need to be celebrated as authentic and real. Mvintage aims to join in on this amazing journey by creating versatile pieces that are rich in meaning, allowing each woman to radiate in positive self-expression and help discover their own unique beauty. We uphold this concept through our careful design process, where every piece is treated as part of an ongoing narrative; driven to inspire yet never forgotten, and ultimately, vintage at heart. We encourage each incredible woman to find their own little treasure in our collections.

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